How to set up service items


How to set up service items

This process described in this article is available by invite only.

Program Overview

When a seller is invited to participate in the marketplace installation program, the services association with the items must be set up in the Seller Portal either via the user interface or via our APIs. 

Four services are offered for limited item classes:

  • Installation: The box is unpacked in desired room of your home and installed. Installation includes all required parts. Installation does not include electrical wiring or re-wiring to meet local code requirements, new or replacement plumbing. An LP conversion is not included with the installation because that would require a local certified technician to complete. Installation assumes un-hooking current appliance and installation of new appliance. Built in appliances need to be un-installed by customer. Installation includes all required parts. Haul-away is not included with installation but can be purchased separately.
  • Haul Away: This may only be purchased when coupled with Installation services.  Customer is not required to include haul away when purchasing installation
  • In-Home Delivery: The box will be delivered inside your front door, lobby or garage of your residence. This service does not include taking off door hinges or taking the item through a flight of stairs. Unpacking, installation, set-up, assembly, haul away can only be bought with Installation and not with Curbside or In-Home Delivery. These services can be purchased from the seller for an additional fee. Required parts are not included with your purchase.
  • Curbside: Box is delivered to the curbside of your residence. Unpacking, installation, set-up, assembly, haul-away can only be bought with Installation and not with Curbside or In-Home Delivery. Required parts are not included with your purchase.

Program Basics

  1. Seller must be activated by Sears for this feature to work on the websites.
  2. Each of the fours services are associated to individual item classes that are turned on by Sears.
  3. All the items within the item class will have the service(s) offered if the item is set to have oversized shipping.
  4. A seller provides the associated cost for each service based on individual zips codes.
    1. All offers within the item class will have the same cost for each of the services by zip regardless of the type or brand of product.
    2. Include cost of any required parts in the installation cost. Curb-side and in-home services do not include cost of required parts.
  5. If a zip code is not listed in the service setup, a customer from that zip code will not be able to buy the service and if no service is offered for the zip code, the product is not able to be purchased at all.

Basics of the Seller Portal templates

In the Seller Portal user interface, these services may only be set up by using templates. Once logged into the Seller Portal, browse to the following path: Products >> Product Mgmt >> Bulk.

On this page, you find the standard item build templates. The Services templates are embedded within this structure but when a services item class is chosen, the template will present the fields necessary to services.

For illustration, we will focus on the Appliances services. Browse to find the following path: Item Class Root Node >> Appliances >> Services. You will find the four services that are offered.

Within each of the Services Paths, you will find a list of all the appliances item classes that services may be provided.

If you are offering curbside delivery, haul away, in-home delivery, and installation for Built-In Dishwashers, you will need to download and update the four different service template for this item class. You will need to browse and download templates on the following item class paths:

  • Appliances >> Services >> Curbside Delivery >> Dishwashers >> Built-In Dishwashers
  • Appliances >> Services >> Haul Away >> Dishwashers >> Built-In Dishwashers
  • Appliances >> Services >> In-Home Delivery >> Dishwashers >> Built-In Dishwashers
  • Appliances >> Services >> Installation >> Dishwashers >> Built-In Dishwashers

You may only download one template at a time, so browse to your item class of choice and check the box next to the lowest item class node you need a template for.

Once selected, click the “Download” button and you can see that you may download either the “Service Item Class Template (without items)” or “Service Item Class Template (with items)”. The first time setting up an item class, choose “without items” as there are no items. If you need to update cost for a zip code, download the “with items” option.

You will be prompted to save the file. The file name by default mimics the item class path you have chosen in order to assist you when working with the files. For example, this item class file defaults to “Appliances Services Curbside Delivery Dishwashers Built-In Dishwashers.xlsx”.

The first tab will have the Data Definition tab. We’ve attempted to describe each field and provide examples. The template only consists of 4 fields.

Field NameWhat’s it meanSpecial Notes
Item IDThis is something you create to identify the service.For example, for installation for dishwashers, use the same Item ID for all the zip codes for a given service. Example INSTALL_DISHWASHER
Zip Code5 digit zip codeThis field is a text field in order to keep leading 0s in the zip codes. Remember that this price is the same for all the items in the item class.
PriceThis is the price of the service for the given zip code.Make sure to use the right format for pricing. Both dollar and cents must be used. For example, $1 should be 1.00. Free should be 0.00.
StatusIs the zip code and price active? Is active, choose Y. If you want to turn it off, choose N.

Once you have filled out the template, return to the Seller Portal page that the files were downloaded from and follow the steps in step 3 of the page to upload the file. Upon 1 file at a time.

Things to remember

If a seller is offering installation to a certain region, but is still offering curbside delivery to the entire nation, the Curbside service template needs to include all the US zip codes and the associated cost to each zip code. This includes if you are offering free curbside nation wide as well.

There are sites available that provide a zip code list. One example is (We do not endorse this site, but are simply providing it as an example.)

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