How to refund or mark an item returned

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How to refund or mark an item returned

Seller can either issue a return (based on quantity) or sale adjustment (as refund amount) when the order is already shipped in seller portal. In both of these cases seller will get deducted the amount returned/refunded through seller portal. Return is a final state of an order and hence further adjustments cannot be processed once an order is marked as returned by selecting the quantity. Please make sure that correct refund amount is selected while marking an item as returned in seller portal.

For sale adjustment, the system will not limit from issuing multiple refunds if the total value is not exceeded.

Please follow the steps below to process a refund/return on an order through the seller portal:

1. Login to the Seller Portal and navigate to the ‘Orders’ tab (you can use the filter to choose either Active Orders or Older Orders depending on how old the order is).

2. In the search field, enter the PO number and click Go.

3. Once the order appears on-screen, click on the order number to enter the order details.

4. Once a seller is in the order, click on the Expand link on the ADJUSTMENTS (RETURNS & REFUNDS) section.

5. Prior to selecting a specific line item you will only have the option of refunding the shipping cost for the entire order. You will be shown the Max shipping that can be refunded and any amount of shipping that was previously refunded.

6. After Selecting check-box for the line item(s) that should be returned, sellers will see the item title and all applicable sale and refund information.

*Refund Details will show the following information:a. Order Amount: This is the total dollar value for that Line when it was ordered.
b. Comm Paid: This is the amount of commission deducted from the item when it originally shipped.c. Prior Refund: If any part of the line was previously refunded this will display that dollar value.d. Max Refund Amount: This will reflect the Order Amount minus the Prior Refund.e. Amount to Refund: The dollar or percent to be refund should be input here.f. Comm Refund: Will reflect the amount of commissions that will be refunded for the order.

7. Select the reason for the return from the Reason drop-down list.

8. Select the Quantity that is being returned from the Quantity Returned drop-down. If there was previously quantity returned or cancelled for a line that will be reflected in the available quantity.

*For example, if a 5 of an item was ordered on line 1, but 2 were previously returned, the Quantity Returned drop-down will only have 1, 2, or 3 available as options.

9. Sellers enter the amount to refund for the line item in the Amount to Refund Section.

In the box sellers can enter any dollar value from .01 up to the Max Refund Amount.

By selecting the % symbol a pop-up will allow sellers to enter any percentage to refund. The dollar value will be reflected as a percent is entered.

10. Sellers have the option to enter a message to the Customer or an internal note to themselves.

11. Once all information is entered for any lines that should be returned for any amount sellers should click ‘Submit Adjustment/Refund’ to complete the return.

12. After an refund is processed for an order sellers can view any adjustment details for that specific order by selecting View Details within that order.

13. To see ALL adjustments for any orders, within a selected timeframe, sellers can select Full Details (a.) or go to Seller Tools > Reports > ‘Cancellation and Returns (fulfilled by seller only) Report’ (b.). All od the return/refund details will be under the second tab labeled ‘Returns and Refunds'(c.).




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