Updated API Guide and reports to support new leasing partner

Updated API Guide and reports to support new leasing partner

This week, we will be adding a new payment method on our sites, a 3rd party leasing partner. With this update, we have made updates to identify an order that was purchased via a lease. A new field “Lease Order’ will populate with Y if the order is a lease. We will releasing new versions of the purchase order and remittance info report APIs to include this field. We also updated the corresponding Seller Portal reports to show “Lease order” as a new field.

Please note that the existing field “Tax Certificate URL” will not be populated with these new lease orders. The field will remain and be populated if the order was a lease order from our previous leasing partner.

No taxes will be collected or remitted by Sears on a leased order as the 3rd party leasing company collects and remits taxes for these orders.

The updated Sears Marketplace API Guide is now available for download. Please see the guide for the specific changes. The anticipated release date of the new API is December 15th.

For general questions about leasing, please see our knowledge article Marketplace Leasing. If you have any additional questions not answered in the article, please do not reply to this email. You may contact us via the contact us form.