How to handle copyright issues

What do I do if a Sears Marketplace Seller is displaying my copyrighted or trademarked material?

Sears Marketplace sellers should refrain from using any content or images owned by another seller or list items they do not have direct permission to sell from the Manufacturer. If you find a seller violating this please contact the seller directly to request the remove this content.

For Contact info:
Search for the item on, in the price box there will be a seller name, clicking on the “sold by XXX” will bring up additional information about the seller. On the inner panel, click on “View All Seller Products” to get to the seller’s storefront. The storefront will have a contact link that the email is shown.

If a seller does not comply you may need to provide specific info to, including links to the item in question, a copy of the email you sent the seller to which there was no response, and proof of legal ownership of the item.