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How to start selling on Sears

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Sell on Sears basics

Once you are an active seller, you will be responsible for creating your items, regularly maintaining your inventory, pricing, monitoring for orders and providing quality customer service.  You may connect to us via an aggregator, directly via our XML APIs or use our user interface to manage your account.

Getting paid

Payments are transferred into your account between 13-15 days after the order is shipped/invoiced.

Products that you can sell

Any merchandise category that you see on and  Some categories may require special to sell in.

Program fees

Monthly program fee: $39.99

Commissions will be charged on item sell price and shipping associated with the item

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How registration works

Before you can start selling, there are few steps needed.


Tell us you’re interested

We want to make sure you’re a great fit for our marketplace.  Click the Get Started Now button and provide  us with some information about your business and your selling experience.


Are you a good fit?

Once we’ve confirmed that you’re a good fit for our marketplace we’ll let you know the next steps, which will include in creating your marketplace account.


List items and get online

Once you are registered and account is activated, we’re here to help you be successful.  Our onboarding and integration team will help make sure you know our best practices and your items are up and saleable.