How Do I Get My Account Approved?


How Do I Get My Account Approved?

When you log in, what do you see?

Your account has been suspended by the Seller Performance Team

Normally we contact you and let you know that we are suspending your account and why.  We also will provide steps that need to be taken in order to be reinstated.

If you are not sure why you are suspended, please use the contact us form, Topic: Seller Performance & Subtopic: General Performance Question to contact the seller performance team for more information.

You are still in the onboarding process, and additional action is needed by you.

Your account was reviewed and hasn’t been approved yet.  Below this message is a red box with instructions on what the next steps you need to or a message saying we reviewed the account and we have decided to not approve your account at this time.

If you are working with someone from Sears Marketplace place already, we suggest you email them to connect on next steps.

You are still in the onboarding process, but still under review.

We are still reviewing your account.  We’ll get back to you soon.

Still not sure?

Use the contact us form Topic: Account Setup & Subtopic: Is my account approved? to contact the onboarding team for more information about your account.

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