Update Expiring Inventory


Update Expiring Inventory

We want our sellers to upload inventory on regular basis to prevent unintended cancellations due to out of stock issues. If you fail to update inventory an email is triggered notifying that inventory for particular items has not been updated from long time. You can also see that in alert section of a Seller Portal dashboard.

Once you have received an inventory expiration alert please follow two steps process to update or confirm your existing inventory levels. This will help you in avoiding your inventory to removed or reduced. Here is the two step process to download and upload the expired inventory file:

1.Downloading File Please login to the seller portal and navigate to Inventory tab. Go to managed expired inventory tab and click on “Download Expired inventory Tab”. Once the file is downloaded please do the changes in Data Format tab. You can refer to Data Definition tab for details of each column. Here is the snapshot for your reference:

2. Uploading File  Once you are done with the changes in “Update Available Quantity” column please upload the file. You can use “Select file option” to upload the file. You can check following snapshot to follow above advised process:

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