Banned/Removed Items

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Banned/Removed Items

To view a list of your removed items, please go to the Reports menu and choose the ‘Removed Items Info’ report.  There you will see a reason for the removal. Some common reasons are:

Non-compliance – this item may have caused customer complaints, have been flagged as unauthorized, inappropriate content, etc.

Restricted merchandise or content – the item violates the Sears Marketplace Seller agreement and cannot be listed on

Brand Protection – the intellectual property owner of the brand of the item has restricted its sale on

UPC is banned – the item UPC has been banned from sale on Sears Marketplace

Account is banned for hierarchy – the account has been restricted from selling within the product hierarchy of the affected item

Program is not participating in hierarchy – the category/tag of the item is not currently allowed for the program (ie Sell on Sears, Sell through Sears)

Hierarchy is disabled – the category/tag of the item is no longer supported in Sears Marketplace

Tag is not associated with hierarchy – the category/tag being used is not a valid tag assigned to a currently opened category

Image URL is invalid – the image path provided is not a valid image path that goes directly to a product image

Ban Item for a seller by Item ID – the item has been banned for sale on Sears Marketplace

Attribute value is invalid – there is at least one attribute assigned to the product that is no longer supported on Sears Marketplace

Item does not have web hierarchy – items are either missing on required attributes or needs to be moved to an available/appropriate item class

Program not in Content Item Class – item class for the given item is not active on for the Sears Marketplace. Please reclassify your item

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