Bulk Excel Templates – Item Class

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Bulk Excel Templates – Item Class

Our bulk Excel templates allow sellers to build multiple items at a time in the same item class.  All users have the ability to create items using the bulk method.  Here are the basics for creating items using the bulk Excel Item Class Specific templates.

Navigate to the Products >> Product Mgmt >> Bulk section of the seller portal.

Bypassing Step 1 on this page, we will need to locate the Item Class where you want your items to live.  By clicking on the “+” sign next to the high level category to expand the item classes.  You can use a combined sheet for categories within the same hierarchy as shown below, up to 30 different sub categories can be chosen at once.  Or you can use a single hierarchy for each template.

Once you have selected your item classes that you want to build items into, click on the download button and a menu will appear.  Choose the “Item Class Template (without items)” option.

The template will download into an Excel file.  Our Excel templates are built in such a way that their structure should never be changed.  This means that the three tabs on the bottom should remain titled as they are and the formatting of the columns and header names should also remain as they are.

There are 3 tabs on the Excel template.

  1. Data Definition: this tab houses all of the fields names, descriptions, validations and examples of information that should be input into that field
  2. Data Format: this tab is where you input the information for each item
  3. Attributes: this tab will show you what attributes are available for the item class that you have chosen along with the accepted values for each

Once you have input all of the necessary information for your item(s), save the file on your desktop in a .xlsx or .cvs format.  Proceed to step 3 of the bulk process to upload your file.

“Select Files to Upload” to open the dialogue box to select the location and the name of the file.  Click open and it will automatically begin to upload.  Once the file has uploaded, items will begin to show in your seller portal within minutes (but can take up to 30 minutes to display).  If all of your items are not uploaded, you will need to check your Errors Processing report.  You can find your Errors Processing report by navigating to the Products >> Product Mgmt >> Errors Processing section of the portal.  The file can be downloaded into an Excel format.  A list of errors and how to fix them is available to help with this report.

Add inventory to your products and they will be complete.

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