Changing the Item Class

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Changing the Item Class

Item categorization is an important part of the website experience.  If items are categorized incorrectly, members will not find them as they browse the site and it clutters up categories in which the items were wrongly placed. If you were notified that some of your items are in the incorrect category, you need to find the item category and update your items immediately. You can easily move your products to the correct category through the use of the generic template in the seller portal.

Find the Right Categories

First, you will want to understand where your products should be categorized.

In the report provided, there are suggestions but you need to verify if they are a good match. You may view all available items classing by following these steps:

Find the right item class by downloading the “Item Class Commissions Table” found in the Seller Portal under the Products – Create & Edit page. Under the support files, you will find a link to generate the “Item Class Commissions Table”.

Using this spreadsheet, you can see all the available item classes. Search for the correct item class.

Note: do not use item classes with “zz” in it, e.g. “zz_Third Party Item Classes for dynamic linking work” or “zz_Do_Not_Use”.

Download the Generic Template

Download a generic template with your affected items. Depending on your catalog size, you should approach this differently. If you have less than 65,000 items, you can download a single generic template with all of your items. If it is greater than 65,000 items, you will need to find the specific item class that has items categorized incorrectly and download those items- the “Generic Template with items”. The report sent via email will provide where the items are currently.

Under the Browse Catalog by Item Class, select all or a specific item class.

Click on the Download button and from the drop-down list, select “Generic Template (with items)”

Update the Generic Template field called “Item Class ID”

Once you have downloaded the generic template with your affected items you can open the file and simply replace the Item Class ID with the correct item class ID as found in the “Item Class Commission Table” that was downloaded in step 1.

Upload Your file

Once you have completed updating the Item Class ID then save the file and upload in the Seller Portal on the same bulk create & edit page you downloaded the templates from.

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