Items Removed Due to Excessive Shipping Price

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Items Removed Due to Excessive Shipping Price

As part of our continuing strategic objectives to provide the most relevant and competitive assortment of products to our members and customers, we are reviewing the shipping costs for the offers that MKP sellers have on In the event that your listings have egregious shipping costs, we will be emailing you the list of products with shipping costs that need to be updated, on a weekly basis.

Each MKP seller will have 5 days to update the shipping costs, in the event that they are not amended, Sears may remove or take those listings offline from

Here is a copy of the message that you will receive if you have any listings with egregious shipping costs:

Attached to the email, there will be a report in the form of a CSV that provides item level information on your offers for which we have found the egregious shipping price. This file can be opened in Excel and will contain information including Item id, Brand, Model #, your shipping cost and our estimate of reasonable shipping costs.

Upon receiving the email, you will have 5 days to adjust your shipping costs, after which we may take the offers in the list attached offline.

Calculating Shipping Rates

The carrier provided shipping cost tables are being used in our calculations along with other additional surcharges that are mandated by the carriers. Additionally, we also factor in the costs for dunnage and handling charges.

Updating the Shipping Price After Receiving an Email from Sears

The shipping costs can be updated through the Seller Portal UI, Bulk template upload or through the Seller APIs. The process is the same that is currently being used to update the content and prices on your offers. In this particular scenario, you will be updating just the shipping costs as desired.

Finding Items Gone Offline Due to Shipping Price

Please review the “Removed items” report. This report will have the reason code in the comments column, stating “items removed due to shipping exception”.

Bringing Items Back Online

You need to update the shipping costs and upload the items back again either through the UI, Bulk template upload or the seller API feed. Once you have updated the shipping cost and the shipping cost is within expectations, the item will be taken off of the removed items info report within 24 hours. Please remember to update the inventory file, otherwise the items will not go online.

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