Tips for Success: Inventory Management

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Tips for Success: Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is one of the most important steps in achieving success on the Sears Marketplace. Having accurate inventory ensures your items can be available for sale on and can prevent unnecessary cancellations. Setting inventory to zero when an item is out of stock will prevent cancellations that negatively impact a seller’s performance and can lead to penalization; conversely having no or zero inventory set when the item is in stock will prevent sales. See the following details for how to add or update your inventory:

You can add inventory on-screen one item at a time by navigating to the Inventory >> Browse & Edit Inventory section of the site

  • Drill down into the product(s) you are looking to edit inventory for
  • Click the ‘Edit’ link
  • Change the quantity to the desired quantity and click the save button

You can also upload an Excel file with inventory quantities

  • Download a published catalog under Products>Download Catalog
  • Download the template under Inventory >> Manage Bulk Inventory
  • Copy the Item IDs from the published catalog into the Inventory Template
  • Add the location ID.  Your location ID is preset in your account and can be found under Account Settings>>Fulfillment Locations.  The Account Settings section of the site can be found by the primary user under the name of the logged in person in the upper right hand of the seller portal UI.  If there are multiple locations for a given item, you would want to specify each item multiple times with different location IDs.
  • Add the quantity available for that location
  • Set the Pickup Available to Yes or No, depending on the location type
  • Upload the file

From the time you add quantities, it takes about 24 – 48 hours before the item goes live on
**When decreasing your items inventory to zero the item will be unpurchasable within minutes of publishing this change.**

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