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Current Status: No Open Issues

SELLPO-1456 Reported Sept 30, 2021 – Issue resolved

Issue: Remittance Report not providing EFT details for checks after 9/22.

Ticket has been open

10/4/2021 – All data has been back filled and ticket issue is resolved.

Past issues

Incident 860593 Reported: July 12, 2021 – Issue resolved

Issue: Orders received with “NEXT DAY SAVER” instead of “Ground” service levels.

Question: How should sellers handle the “NEXT DAY SAVER” service level? If a seller receives an order for “NEXT DAY SAVER” with no shipping fees collected, please ship via “Ground”.

Question: What if a seller already shipped via NEXT DAY and there was no fees collected? If a seller does not have this set to be their default, Sears will reimburse the difference between your ground shipping and next day shipping cost. Sellers will need to submit data showing the difference via a case to Seller Support.

Question: What if a seller received an order for next day saver and no shipping but normally we charge shipping on orders for ground? Please ship the order and submit evidence to Seller Support of the shipping cost that would have been charged. We will credit the cost minus the commission.


12:00 PM CT – Report has been escalated to appropriate teams.

3:00 PM CT – Update was applied. We are verifying if this fix corrected the problem.