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Change banking information

What is the process to change banking information for my payments?

To change bank information:

  1. Login into seller portal

2. Go to account setting area(top right corner beside your name)and select the billing info tab

3. Download the bank change form you can find under the payment method section with the following statement.

*When a banking change is performed in the seller portal billing information page include the 9-digit Marketplace Seller DUNS#012345678 found on the Account Settings tab, complete the attached bank change form and send it to: Fax: 847-747-1604 or Email to Your request will be processed by the A/P team and all inquiries should be directed to them. Please be sure to follow-up on any requests for additional information sent by this team.

Instructions for completing the bank change form:

1. Please mark the method of payment as CTX.

2. Please fill your vendor name, Federal Tax ID / SSN and Sears Pay DUNS#.

3. Please fill your company’s old banking and new banking details in the previous and New financial institutional information box.

4. Please fill your company name as an Account name in the previous and New financial institutional information box.

5. Please fill the three most recent remittance details (Check # start with “E”) in the “THREE MOST RECENT REMITTANCE DETAIL BOX”.

6. Please fill with the authorized manual signature (Duly signed)

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