Billing and Payment information

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Billing and Payment information

Invoice Preferences

  • Invoicing is the last thing you will do to an order. Generate an invoice when all actions have been taken on an order. Creating an invoice finalizes an order and you cannot take any more actions (besides marking items as returned). If you still have items in an order that have not been shipped when you create an invoice, they will be canceled.
  • In Account Settings>Billing Info you can choose to create an invoice Manually or Automatically. Manual creation lets you customize the information by hand where Automatic generates an invoice that’s pre-populated with the information from that order.
  • Manual Invoicing requires sellers to take an additional step ‘Create Invoice’ before order information is transferred to our AP team for payment processing.
  • In order to set the Manual invoicing, set Invoicing preferences to Manual under Account Settings/Billing information.

Monthly Program Fees Payment Type

Change to how we will charge the monthly program fee-

  • We made it possible for the monthly program fees to be taken directly from your next scheduled payment instead of processing it through your credit card.  We will make the default for each account to be an EFT
  • When ‘EFT transaction’ is chosen, we will deduct the monthly program fee amount from the next scheduled payment and you will see the claim listed with an invoice number starting with O_048____ on of your remittance information report.  (Note: The claim’s second digit refers to the current fiscal year and digits 6 through 9 are a sequence numbering we use to make the claim unique.  This claim will always start with the letter ‘O’ have ‘48’ as the 4th and 5th digits.)
  • You may change the program fee payment option by accessing your billing information in your account settings of Seller Portal.  Simply select “CC Transaction” and Save.

Credit Card Information

We require a US based credit card. If you choose to have your monthly program charged to your credit card, we use it for this.

Note: Amex cards are no longer accepted on Sears Marketplace

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