Managing Order Prep Time

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Managing Order Prep Time

Steps to Set Order Prep Time or SOPT for items

The Marketplace Order Prep Time (SOPT or Standard Order Prep Time), also called lead time, should reflect the number of business days it takes from the time you receive an order to the time an item is picked up by the carrier. The number of days entered (maximum of 14) are used to determine the Expected Ship Date that displays when you receive an order.

When a customer views your item, an estimated arrival date is provided that is based on the SOPT of the item and non-shipping days and a standardized time in transit based on your warehouse location zip code in the Seller Portal and the customer’s zip code.

Please remember that the calculation of days for shipping and order prep time are business days. However, the days presented to the customer on the product screen does take weekends into account so customers have an accurate picture of when their item may arrive.

How to set your default Order Prep Time at Account Level

To change your Order Prep Time on your account:

  1. Go to Seller Portal > Account Settings > Fulfillment Locations>
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ link for the location you want to modify
  3. Scroll down to ‘Marketplace Order Prep Time’ section
  4. ‘Standard Lead Time’ and/or ‘Lead Time for Oversized Items’ are the default account settings. The Maximum Item Level and Oversize Maximum Item Level options are the maximum amount of day you may use at the item level Order Prep Time.
  5. *Click the Save button

How to set Order Prep Time at Item Level in bulk

You are also able to set the lead time for a specific item which will override any account level settings.  To override the lead time for a specific item:

  1. Browse to Seller Portal > Products > Update Order Prep/Lead Time> Bulk
  2. Download Order Prep Time template file
  3. Fill out the template with item ids for which you want to set prep time and save
  4. Upload the file

How long does it take to update changes in Order Prep Time?

These changes can be as fast as 30 minutes but also could take up to 24 hours to reflect for your items on

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