Customer Service Email Verification

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Customer Service Email Verification

Providing the fastest and best customer service to our mutual customers is extremely important to Sears Marketplace. Any time a customer service email is changed or added, sellers will need to confirm that it is valid.

Additionally, the system will routinely send verifications to an existing customer service email address to ensure that sellers are still using and responding to the customer service email provided.

There are 2 ways in which a customer service email address can be verified.  The first is by clicking on the link within the email sent to the primary account user.  The subject line of the email will be “Action Required: Email verification needed” and the “From” is “The Sears Marketplace Team”.  The body of the email will show your information in the following format.

If this email is not available, the primary account user will need to log in to the seller portal user interface to request another email to be sent.  Once logged in to the user interface, the primary account user will need to navigate to the Customer Service Info section of the seller portal by clicking on the arrow next to the primary user’s name in the upper right corner of the user interface screen.

Once you have accessed this page, your customer service information will be found in the Customer Service Contact Information section of the page.  Verify that all information is accurate or make the necessary changes to this information.  Once completed, you should click on the “click here” link to resend the customer service verification email to the primary user.

The email will be resent with a new email verification link.  Once the email has been received and the link has been clicked, your customer service verification time period will reset.  If your account is already in a suspended status, you will need to use the “Contact us” form in the seller portal to open a case to Marketplace Seller Support to set your account back to active.  Please use the “Account Settings” topic and the “Unable to log in to Seller Portal” subtopic to ensure your request is routed to the appropriate team.

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