Managing Email Notifications

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Managing Email Notifications

Email notifications are available for a variety of areas in the seller portal.

  • Orders: receipt of new orders, notifications of when orders are late, updates to SOPT 
  • Warehouse Changes: changes to SOPT
  • Product Catalog: when catalog files have been submitted to your account
  • Inventory: out-of-stock notifications, low inventory notifications, inventory update notifications
  • Locations: additional ship from locations are added to your account or a change to your SOPT has been made at the account level
  • Accounts : account level notifications such as payments being issued and notification of program fees
  • Secondary Users: when a secondary user is deactivated or created

Only the primary user of the account can log in and change the email notifications. Please have the primary account user for your account log in and access the Account Settings section of the portal. This is done by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the person logged in at the upper right corner of the screen. Once the menu has been activated, click on the Email Notifications link.

An example of one of these sections is below:

You will be able to select which secondary users you wish to have receive the notifications.  And you will be able to select which notifications that the secondary users will receive.  Unfortunately, we are unable to separate the notifications from the secondary users. If you choose more than one secondary user to receive a particular alert, all secondary users that are selected will receive the alert as well.

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