Sales Tax Reporting

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Sales Tax Reporting

Sales tax reporting is available in the Seller Portal.  This report will list all orders regardless who remits the sales tax to the states.  Please refer to the field called “Tax Remitted to Seller” to identify who is responsible for tax remittance.  The same field is also available on the purchase order report and the remittance report.

  1. Log into the Seller Portal, browse to Seller Tools > Reports.
  2. From the drop down find “Sales Tax Report”
  3. Populate the start and end date, choose and order status if desired.
  4. Click the Download Report button.  This will download in the background.

The report provides the following data:

  • PO#
  • PO Date
  • Customer Order Confirmation #
  • Selling Price (Item Level)
  • Shipping Price (Item Level)
  • Sales Tax $ (Item Level)
  • Shipping Tax $ (Item Level)
  • Sales Tax Rate
  • Regulatory Fee
  • Taxing Jurisdiction Geo Code
  • Taxing Jurisdiction County Number
  • State Name of Ship-To Address
  • Ship-to Taxware Geo Code
  • Tax Remitted to Seller
  • Item Class
  • Line Status
  • Item ID
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