Deleting All Items

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Deleting All Items

To Delete all your items from your catalog please do the following:

  1. Log into your seller portal
  2. Navigate to Product > Product Mgmt > Bulk
  3. Under ‘Step 2’ check the box next to ‘Item Class Root Node’
  4. If there are more than 65,000 items in the catalog
    1. Click the Download in Background button
      1. Select Generic Template (with items), otherwise click the Download button
      2. You will receive a message noting that your request is being processed. Progress and ready files can be downloaded at
      3. Download the files once ready
    2. Otherwise click the Download button
  5. Save and open the files
  6. In the files navigate to the ‘Data Format’ tab/sheet
  7. Enter D into the ‘Action Flag’ column for all offers you would like to delete
  8. Save the file
  9. Log into your seller portal
  10. Navigate to Product > Product Mgmt > Bulk
  11. Under ‘Step 3’ click the Select Files to Upload button
  12. Drag and Drop files into the resulting page OR click the Select a file button and navigate to the file you saved
  13. Once the file is dragged and dropped or selected the file will begin uploading
  14. You can check your error report at OR if you have your emails alerts configured, you may receive an email alert once your file upload and processing has completed

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