Updating the Image URL

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Updating the Image URL

You can change/update/correct your items image URL in the Seller Portal, through Bulk Item Templates or through XML.
To complete this task in the seller portal, please navigate to the Products tab and the Browse & Edit > Single link.  Search for the item ID from your removed items report and click on the edit link. Image URLs are found on the Images page within the edit product screens; here you can replace the entire image URL.

Editing image URLs can be done in the Bulk Item Templates by updating the Product Image URL, saving and uploading to the seller portal.

Image URLs can also be updated using the <image-url> and <url> tags. More information on XML item creation and updates can be found here.

Typically, when you are viewing an image online you can right-click and choose properties to view the image URL. This image path often ends in .jpg or .gif as shown in figures 1 and 3.

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