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Getting Orders

Why am I receiving the same PO number for multiple orders?

The PO number that issues for a seller can be duplicated over time. As a result, it is recommended to also use the PO date in coming up with a unique order number for any internal systems you may have.

For example, if the PO we provide you is 1234567 and the date is 10/01/2010, we would recommend that you use an order number of 201010011234567 to ensure it stays unique in your systems.

How to view and download purchase order details?

Purchase order view from User Interface (UI)

You can view your purchase order details in the user interface. After you have logged in to your seller portal, navigate to the following space:

Seller Portal >>Orders >> Order Dashboard

You will land on the Order Management Dashboard. This will have a variety of information available to you. The default view will show you all of the current orders in a NEW status. The orders are sorted in order of the last order that was received to the oldest order received.

To search for a specific order, you can enter the following: P.O. Number, Item Name, Date Range, Customer’s Full Name, P.O. # with Date, Customer Order #, Unique Item ID. Please make sure to select the type of search criteria from the box before searching.

You can also View All Orders regardless of their status by clicking the link on the left hand side.  You can then sort the columns by clicking on the arrow next to the column header.  The sort will be ascending or descending.

Clicking on the purchase order number will open the order and the order details will be present.

Purchase order view using Excel Template

After you have logged into the seller portal, navigate to the following space:

Seller Portal >> Seller Tools >> Reports

You will land on the reporting tab. You will need to use the Report Type drop down and select the Purchase Order Report. The Purchase Order report can be downloaded in several ways.

  • If you would like a complete order history, simply click the orange Download Report button without making any changes to the criteria
  • If you would like a date range of orders, select the Start Date and the End Date and click on the orange Download Report button
  • If you would like only a certain Order Status, choose from the drop down (New, Open, Closed, Overdue) and click on the orange Download Report button
  • If you would like to use a combination of order date and status, you can choose both criteria and then click o the orange Download Report button

Purchase order view using XML

We provide a FBM Purchase Order Management API call that uses the GET method to get order details. Download our API guide and view the FBM Purchase Order Management API section for the most recent API XSDs.

Managing Fraud Orders

At times a Sears associate from our fraud prevention team (officially called “Asset and Profit Protection” (APP)) will contact sellers to request that a cancellation and/or stop shipment be done. Our associates are attempting to stop orders that passed the initial fraud screening and were identified as a fraud after the order was released to the Seller Portal for fulfillment. We understand that this is not an ideal situation but we appreciate your cooperation in trying to cancel or stop ship these orders. It’s important to us as we try to eliminate credit card chargebacks.

What do I do when the fraud team reaches out to me?

When our fraud team reaches out to you, if you have not shipped the merchandise, please cancel the entire PO that was requested and reply back to the fraud associate that the cancellation is completed.

If you have shipped the product, please recall the package and once the package is returned, process a full refund including shipping cost. By issuing the full refund, you help us eliminate any credit card chargeback from being issued to Sears.

Please confirm back to the fraud associate when this has been completed.

What if I cannot cancel or stop the shipment?

Reply back to the Sears APP associate immediately letting them know that it is not possible to stop the order.

How do I get reimbursed for shipping and stop ship fees from my carrier?

After you receive your shipping invoices for this PO, you may submit for reimbursement from Sears for your original shipping cost, stop ship fees (including the return cost). To do so, please use the contact us form, topic: Orders Related Inquiry, subtopic: Fraud Stop Ship Request

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Carrier invoice that links the tracking # to the PO / Order ID #
  • Amount that needs to be reimbursed
  • We will reimburse the stop ship cost and the original shipping cost

The seller support team will review your request and submit a request to our AP team to create a credit memo for the reimbursement total. You will see it as part an upcoming payment cycle.

Why does Sears not just stop the orders before they get sent to the seller?

Ideally, we would. We stop thousands of fraud orders from being sent to sellers. However, sometimes, organized online crime groups that like to target large retailers like Sears, are moving faster than we can and we don’t catch the orders as they pass through our standard checks. We continue to review orders, even after they are released to be fulfilled just to make sure we are catching as much fraud as possible. We are constantly updating the rules to make them better.

How do we know the Sears associate is from the fraud team?

The email domain with always be Generally, you will see an email signature with this logo:

What can be reimbursed?

Only orders that the APP team requested to be stopped can have a reimbursement issued.

What if I don’t have the invoice?

Due to strict audit controls and laws, we can only provide a reimbursement when documentation is provided that clearly ties the charge to the member order.


Never do an address change for a member. This is a key fraud activity.

Why am I not receiving email notifications about new orders?

The primary user of an account can manage the email notifications from the Email Notifications link under the Account Settings tab now located at the top right of the screen under the user name being displayed. From this page the user can manage which notifications they would like to receive, as well as provide addresses that order notifications can be sent to for each fulfillment location.

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