Hot deals item submissions

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Hot deals item submissions

Hot deals are a great tool to help grow sales.  These special deals are reviewed and approved by Sears and then listed on the Hot Deals pages for a 2 or 3 week period.  Customers come to these pages to find the best deals that we can find and provide.  The items will be featured here:

Item Requirements

All sellers are now allowed to submit a limited amount (no more than 12 for each deal period) of items to be reviewed to the Hot Deals page. While not all items will be eligible to participate we do encourage sellers to submit their best deals possible.  Here are the few things that are needed for the item to be consider:

  • Must have Strike-through Pricing shown on the listing
  • Must offer Free Shipping
  • Must be 5% or lower than current price for the week
  • Must be lowest price online for the dates it is featured (We check competitors site to verify the price is lowest.)
  • The items should be best sellers and seasonally relevant.
  • Inventory – must have sufficient to cover sales for a 2 week promotion.  (minimum of 25)
  • Must have good, clean content (work with Seller Support if the currently displayed content is not yours)

How does the process work?

  1. Submit via web form
  2. Sears reviews all submitted items
  3. A confirmation email will be sent that your item(s) will be added for a given Hot Deals period
  4. A reminder email will be sent on Thursday morning prior to the start of the deal to submit new pricing
  5. You must set up sale pricing for the entire deal period.  This will be verified by Sears.
  6. When the deal goes live, if pricing is not updated, we will remove the item from the deal page.

Form Definitions

Some of the definitions from the list:

  • Seller ID – found in the Seller Portal
  • Email – your email that you want us to reply to
  • Sears Item #- This is the Sears item # or “PPID” (Permanent Product ID) which is found below the image on the webpage, should start with an A or SPM. (Need a link to show how to find this in SellPO)
  • Vertical – Highest item categorization
  • Category – Within a vertical, the category of this product
  • Item Description – Just use the Short Description
  • Regular Price – The Regular (High) price from the webpage.
  • Sale Price – The regular sale price
  • Hot Deal Price – The reduced price for the week it runs
  • Inventory – how much inventory is available for this offer?
  • Deal Dates – pick from the drop down which offer period you are submitting the item for.

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