Winning the BuyBox

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Winning the BuyBox

What is Buybox?

If an item is sold by multiple sellers the system will use various metrics to determine which seller wins the buy box, or is the “featured seller”. There are many different factors but the most important factor is the pricing. The pricing used to determine who earns the buy box not only takes into account the item’s price, but also adds the item’s shipping cost. To better position your items to win the buy box, make sure that your items are competitively priced and the shipping is competitive as well. Our product matching system bundles offers from multiple sellers for the same product and presents them as 1 product with multiple offers in the product details page. Best offer out of this group is showcased in the product details page for our customer and is called the “BuyBox Winner”. All other offers are listed behind the BuyBox that can be accessed by clicking “other sellers” link above the BuyBox price as show below. For products that have only 1 offer from 1 seller, it automatically becomes the BuyBox winner without any competition.

For example, in the table below there are 3 sellers selling the same product.

In this case, Sears wins the BuyBox since while the other 2 sellers are listed behind the BuyBox:

Visual Examples:

Marketplace Seller winning the BuyBox:

Who wins the buybox?

Once the matching and grouping engine creates the product groups, a complex algorithm ranks the offers in order. This algorithm takes into consideration more than 30 parameters to create the priority of the offers. Some of the key parameters are Total Price (product price + shipping price), Bonus Points, Delivery Lead Time, Seller Tier and Fulfillment Score of the seller. Based on the value of all the parameters offers are ranked. Best offer wins the BuyBox.

 How can you increase your chances of winning the BuyBox?

There are a number of factors taken into consideration to produce a BuyBox winner. Some of the most important are:

  1. Be price competitive: customers go to expecting the lowest price
  2. Have fast order processing times
  3. Deliver items to customers quickly and provide customers with multiple shipping options

At Sears’ Marketplace, we want to give our customers an exceptional experience each time they shop, including low prices, fast shipping, and high quality items. Please make sure to update your prices, order processing times, and shipping options to best serve our customers!

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