Item Level BuyBox win/lose details

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Item Level BuyBox win/lose details

How to Access this feature?

Sellers will see BuyBox widget on their dashboard.

NOTE: The BuyBox widget only shows items with offers from multiple sellers. The BuyBox widget will NOT be visible if your items do not have any competing offer from another seller.

When a seller clicks “Click Here for Item Level Details”, a report generation will start.

Since the item level BuyBox information is intensive, it may take some time before the report is available to be downloaded. When the report is ready, seller will receive an email notifying reports availability. This report will be available to download in Seller Tools -> Reports Section in seller portal. This data refreshes once a day.

What is in the report?

The report contains the item level information to show whether an item won or lost the BuyBox. (Click “Learn More about BuyBox” on BuyBox widget to get more details). The list contains only those products that have multiple offers for different sellers.

File Name:
Report file name is “BuyBox Item Details <date> part <#>.csv. The report may be divided into multiple files (indicated my part #) if the amount of data is significantly large.

File Contents:

Item idSeller’s Item ID in Seller Portal
Sears website idWebsite Identifier on (SSIN)
Product titleTitle of the Product
Seller sale priceSeller’s Item Price
Seller shipping PriceSeller’s Shipping Price for this item
Seller total PriceSeller’s Total Price (seller sale price + seller shipping price)
BuyBox winner sale priceSale price of the BuyBox winner
BuyBox winner shipping priceShipping Price of the BuyBox winner
BuyBox winner total priceTotal Price of the BuyBox winner (BuyBox winner sale price + BuyBox winner shipping price)
Lowest sale priceLowest Sale Price in this group
Number of competing offersTotal number of offers competing for the BuyBox (greater than 1)
BuyBox winnerYes/No depending on if the seller won the BuyBox or not.
DateDate stamp of the data.

What is the importance of this data?

This is another step towards providing better tools to our sellers for better business decisions. We aim to provide detailed analytics to better understand the market and competition for your products. This report tells you whether your item is competitively priced or not on Sears Marketplace. We hope this information will help you design a better pricing strategy for your products.

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