How to provide California Proposition 65 warnings on items

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How to provide California Proposition 65 warnings on items

Use the methods below to provide Prop 65 warnings for your items in the Seller Portal.

Using the user interface

  1. Go to Products >> Product Mgmt >> Create New >> Use own content

Or browse to an existing items go to Products >> Product Mgmt >> Browse & Edit

2. Go to the Details tab and scroll down to the Product Safety section.  Select the correct answer from the drop down to the question “Does your item require a CA Prop 65 warning”. 

3. When “Yes…” is selected, a text box labeled “Prop65 Warning Text” will appear.

4. Enter the appropriate warning as required by the law.  This will appear on the item listing on the site.

Using bulk templates

1. Go to Products >> Product Mgmt >> Bulk

2. Select the appliance item class and download the template with or without items (depending on if you adding or updating)

3. In the template, you will find the California Proposition 65 attributes.  When Ca Prop 65 Warning Code is “Yes…” the CA Prop 65 Warning Text field is required to be populated.

How it will look online

Example with the warning expanded

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