Required Attributes

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Required Attributes

Why Are Some Attributes Required?

When creating items sellers may noticed some attributes marked as required. The primary reason most attributes may be required is to take advantage of Dynamic Linking.

  • Dynamic Linking is site linking based on an attribute-value combination; Using an attribute value to dictate where products will appear on the site
    • For example, all Flat Panel TVs with a ?Type? attribute value of ?LCD? are directed to the LCD TVs subcategory; those with a ?Type? attribute value of ?LED? are directed to the LED TVs subcategory, etc.
    • Another example: We may want to use several attributes of a piece of jewelry to display in different ways on the site: by Metal, by Stone Shape, by Stone Color, etc.  Dynamic linking allows us to do easily do this.

Please see below for some additional examples.

Item Class [darkTable][/darkTable]IDItem ClassAttribute IDAttribute NameReason Attribute is Required
2689Lawn & Garden|Outdoor Power Equipment|Handheld Power Tools|Chain Saws – Gas292501CARB CompliantThis attribute is used to help customers in California determine if the product meets California Air Resource Board standards.
3257Tools|Painting & Staining Supplies|Wall Borders876010Application TypeThis attribute determines if the wall borders should also be included in the wall decals/appliques or Wallpapers subcategories (i.e. if they are the self-adhesive/peel and stick type, they will be included with Wall Decals/Appliques; if they are the Glue or paste variety, they will be included with Wallpaper)
868Health & Beauty|Beauty|Nails|Nail Polish873710Application TypeThis attribute determines if a “Sticker” or nail applique gets included in the Nail Stickers subcategory.  If a seller has a product that is a nail sticker/applique and they do not populate this attribute, their product will not appear in the correct subcategory.
4843Bed Bath & Home|Home Decor|Rugs|Area Rugs1212Indoor/OutdoorThis attribute determines if the product gets included in the Outdoor Rugs subcategory under Lawn & Garden.  If a product has this attribute applied as either “Indoor/Outdoor” or “Outdoor” it will also appear under the Outdoor Living vertical as well as Bed Bath & Home.
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