How to Identify Late Orders

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How to Identify Late Orders

In order to identify late order, a seller must down a Purchase Order Report in the Seller Portal.

Login to your Seller Portal account.

Go to Seller Tools > Reports.

In the Report type field, find the report called “Purchase Order Report”.

Populate the ‘Expected Ship by Date’ fields to filter your report.

Note: If you received a notice from the Seller Performance team that stated your late ship rate was reviewed, the date range will be stated in the email. Use those two dates to filter your report.

Click the download report.

Excel File for Calculating Late Orders

Open the Purchase Order Report Excel file. You will find columns L & M are the ‘Expected Ship Date’ and the ‘Actual Ship Date’. If the ‘Actual Ship Date’ field is blank, the order is either canceled or still open.

Insert a column to report to the right of the Actual Ship Date column. Add an equation that checks if the Actual Ship Date is greater than the Expected Ship Date. For example “=M2>L2”. If a result is “TRUE” then, that line item was shipped late.

Remember, an overdue order is late. Any line item that is late will make the entire order be considered as a late order.

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