Getting a Suspended Account Reinstated

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Getting a Suspended Account Reinstated

Reasons for Suspension

Your Seller account may be suspended for:

  • Not meeting our seller standards for performance (Late ship rate, cancellation rate)
  • Not being responsive to Member or Sears’s email/phone inquiries
  • Invalid customer service contact information

Reinstating Your Account

1. Understand why your account was suspended
Read the email that was sent to you concerning your account suspension and understand why your account has been suspended.

2.  Perform a root cause analysis of the issue
Review the issue and orders that caused your suspension. Evaluate your business practices that caused these problems.

3.  Identify the solution
Brainstorm and find all possible solutions to stop these issues from occurring again. Identify the best solution for your business.

4.  Create a plan of action
Create a step-by-step outline of what you will need to implement the solution, including a reasonable timeline it will take to resolve the issue(s).

5.  Send your plan of action to the Marketplace Performance Team for review
If you received an email from us, simply reply to the email from the Marketplace Performance Team concerning your suspension with your plan of action. If you don’t have an email from us, use the contact us form with the topic: Seller Performance and subtopic: Plan of Action Submission.

6.  Wait for a reply from the Marketplace Performance team
After receiving your plan of action, we will respond by email, usually within 2 business days. We review all plans of action carefully. We may ask for more details or a more aggressive solution. Please note, submission of your plan of action does not guarantee that we reinstate your account.

Creating a Plan of Action

You must demonstrate that you understand the cause of your suspension and have a firm plan of action in place to avoid these types of issues in the future.

Your plan of action should include the following:

  • Acknowledgment of the issue(s)
  • What steps will be taken to remedy the issue(s)
  • A realistic timeline of when the issues will be resolved by

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