Item Creation Step 1 – Item Class Selection

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Item Creation Step 1 – Item Class Selection

The primary step to create an item on Sears requires a seller to select the Item class / Category under which the item best fits and can get more visibility.  This is a common step when you create an item using any of the Three Methods of listing items viz

  1. Item Creation using User Interface (UI / One–at-a-time process) * Please Refer to FAQ on Method of listing*
  2. Item Creation using Bulk – Item Class Templates (Item Class / Category Specific Template) * Please Refer to FAQ on Method of listing*
  3. Items Creation using Generic Bulk Template (One Single template for all or any Category /s)  * Please Refer to FAQ on Method of listing*

How important it is to pick up the correct Category/ Item Class

An item to be showcased correctly on Sears or any ecommerce platform requires it to be categorized in the designated category to avoid missing a sale when a customer / member searches for a type of item using the category search.  

If the item is wrongly categorized under the incorrect item class, then the same item will not be shown in any Search pages under the specific category to a customer / member.

Selecting the correct Category / Item Class

When looking for the category, a seller can find the different types of item classes and categories available  in the UI (User interface) of the Sears seller portal and can also download Item Class / Attribute Mapping (for Generic Template).

Search Item Class on

Seller can also search by the nature of the product on for similar items and look for the display path on the top of all search results – an example is depicted in the picture below.

The path shown above in blue will guide you to the appropriate category in which an item best fits. There could be a possibility that your search can get one or more items that are wrongly categorized, hence it is purely judgmental.


Please note that the path shown above is not necessarily the right item class as this is a web hierarchy is defined by Sears. This example is just to give you a fair understanding on where you can find the right item class under a particular category.

Search Item Class for Category Specific template:

Below is an example of the display path for a specific Item Class or Category that a seller could search for.

Search Item Class from Sears Item class commission table:

Please follow the path below to download the item class commission table from Sears. The column ‘B’ gives a clear understanding of the item class display path from where you can select the category.

Products>Product Mgt>Bulk>Supporting files>Item class Commission Table.

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