Managing Vacations and Holidays

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Managing Vacations and Holidays

You don’t have to take your items offline just because you will be closed temporarily. Sellers can enter dates that they are closed and not shipping orders into their seller profile. We will still take orders and add extra time for your to ship them so you can ship them when you’re back.

We do not, however, have a vacation mode that alerts customers that you will be closed. Please make plans to be able to support customer questions while you are closed in order to keep the experience positive.

How does it work?

Sellers set a date, or multiple dates, in their seller portal user interface.  Our system will add these days to your current SOPT and provide Members with a more accurate expected arrival date.

Setting up non-shipping dates

Have the primary account user log into the seller portal and navigate to the Account Settings tab.  The Account Settings tab can be located by clicking on the down arrow next to the user’s name in the upper right corner of the screen.  Once the Account Settings tab has been activated, click on the “Fulfillment Locations” link.

Once in the Fulfillment Locations section of the Account Settings tab, you will need to locate the warehouse location for which you want to set a non-shipping date.  (If all locations will not be shipping on a particular day, you will need to set up the day in all warehouse locations.)  Click “Edit” to access the Fulfillment Location that you wish to set up a non-shipping day for.

After you have opened the Fulfillment Location to edit the information, scroll to the last section on that page titled “Non-Shipping Dates”.  In this section, you will be able to add individual dates that you will not be shipping orders.  This is an account level change and will filter down to all items that you have online.  Non-shipping dates must be in the future and will not be applied to currently open or past orders.

Using the calendar, select the single date you wish to designate as a non-shipping day.  If you have more than one, click “Add Another Holiday” and repeat the date selection process.  Click the save button when all dates have been entered.

Changes will be made almost immediately on the site.  If you need to cancel a date, you can remove it from the seller portal by clicking on the gray X to delete the date and clicking save to save the changes.  These changes will be made almost immediately on the site.

Video tutorial on how to add non-shipping dates

Removing inventory

The quickest way to remove your listings from in the event of your business being temporarily closed is to set the inventory to 0 for all items.

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