Seller Reports

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Seller Reports

There are five main reports available for Sell on Sears accounts (these are listed under Seller Tools>Reports):

Billing Invoice
This report shows all activity related to your credit card on file.  This would include any monthly fees and refunds made to the card.

Remittance Info
To assist in reconciling payments, please review the ‘Remittance’ report under Seller Tools>Reports.  This report will provide the PO number/date, Invoice number/date and Payment number/date.  Please note that the information populates on this report about 2 business days after the payment is made.

Purchase Order Report
This report will provide details of all the orders received by your account. Report can be filtered by Order status to New, Open, Overdue or Closed.

Sales Tax Report
This report will provide details of orders along with the sales tax collected for each order and remitted to your account. You can download the report via Order status in All, Active, or Processed.

Removed Items Info
This report will list any items removed from  The report will list the general reason that the item was removed.

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