Marking an order shipped

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Marking an order shipped

How do I mark an order as shipped?

To complete an order and mark it shipped, with the tracking number, please follow the steps below.

  1. In your seller portal, go to Orders>Order Dashboard
  2. Find the order you would like to complete and click on the purchase order number
  3. In the order screen, look at ‘Step 1: Ship Order’. Make sure you have only the item that is being shipped selected (if there are multiple items) and enter the quantity that is shipping. If there are multiple quantity orders and all are shipping, make sure they are reflected under ‘Qty. In Package’
  4. Enter the ship date. It will default to the current date, but if it shipped a previous day, you can click the calendar next to the date field to change the date.
  5. Select the carrier you used from the ‘Shipping Carrier’ drop-down. If you do not see the carrier you used, select OTH.  If you are using OTH carriers to ship, you are required to email the customer using the encrypted email address and provide the shipping carrier details along with the tracking details.
  6. Under ‘Shipping Method’ enter the method used to ship the package. This should match the method requested by the customer, located towards the top of the order screen under the ‘Ship By Date’
  7. Enter the Tracking number in the tracking number field
  8. If this order has multiple packages, you can select ‘Add a Package’ to add that. You will then repeat steps 3-7
  9. Once all information is entered for the shipment, click ‘Generate ASN / Mark as Shipped’
  10. You will then be able to print your packing slip to include in the package if you are not using your own

Are back orders allowed?

Sears Marketplace does not allow back orders. If multiple quantities of an item are ordered and not all included in the package being shipped, the remaining qty will be auto-canceled. If you cannot ship by the ship by date, please cancel the order.

Things of note

Here are a few things to remember when ship confirming/invoicing Sears Marketplace orders.

  • When marking an order as shipped with multiple quantities, all quantities must be marked as shipped at the same time.  Leaving a quantity outstanding on an order will be considered a back order and the outstanding quantities will be automatically cancelled. In the event that you ship an item that is already cancelled, it is the seller’s responsibility to reach out to the customer and obtain authorization to re-bill for the cancelled item(s).
  • Tracking information is required when marking an order as shipped. We currently provide many carrier options for tracking information. When selecting a carrier, we provide the customer the tracking URL associated with the chosen carrier. Correct carrier and tracking selection is important. If you carrier is not there, please reach out to the seller support team and request your carrier be added to our databases.
  • What do I do if I have to update the tracking number? In the event that you mistakenly enter an invalid tracking number, email the customer via their encrypted email address that is provided on the order and provide them with the correct tracking number and carrier name. (Do not include any links to tracking websites in your email as this information will be removed upon sending and can cause the entire email to arrive to the customer blank.)  When you use the encrypted email address will create a note in the customer’s order in the Sears order entry system. This is helpful if the customer makes contact with us as our call center agents can relay the updated tracking information, eliminating unnecessary additional contacts.
  • Ensure that you are mark orders shipped that have actually shipped. Sears Marketplace standards instruct sellers to not mark an item as shipped until it has been picked up by the carrier. Marking an item shipped early, may create unneeded contacts from the customer. If an invalid tracking number that has been provided by a seller, Sears may refund the customer without contact to the seller and then debit the seller for the order.

API information

Please see the Sears Marketplace API Guide for the current APIs.

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