Permanent Product ID

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Permanent Product ID

A permanent product ID is exactly what it sounds like – it is a permanent ID for an item that is available for sale on  Permanent products IDs once assigned will remain constant through-out the life cycle of the product. These will translate to permanent id on the web pages for this product that will remain stable over time.

How does it work?

When a new product comes to market, the product details are provided by Sears or by a Sears Marketplace seller.  The product is assigned an ID that all Sears or Sears Marketplace seller offers will then be linked to.

How does this help? URLs are generated using product IDs.  When a product ID is not permanent, that means the URL can change and search engines have a hard time keeping track of the changing URLs.  When a product ID is permanent, the search engines do not have to learn a new URL and this should lead to better visibility in the search engines.

Also, sellers can use the Permanent Product ID to search on and find the product page quickly.

Do sellers need to do anything?

No, sellers should continue to build items as before. There is no change to your item build process whether you use the UI, Bulk templates or APIs.

How do I find the Permanent Product ID?

Once an item is built, the Permanent Product ID is available in two different places.

Option 1:

In seller portal, browse to Products > Product Mgmt > Browse & Edit

Search for your item using browse of the search box

In the search results page, in the Item Id column, you will see your item title, UPC # and now the Permanent Product ID.

Option 2: Bulk Item Templates

A new column was added to the bulk item templates.  During item creation, this field is left blank but once the item has been built, the Permanent Product ID will appear in the template when you download a fresh version.

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