Returned Goods Invoice (RGI)

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Returned Goods Invoice (RGI)

A seller will receive an RGI (Returned Goods Invoice) document to notify them of an upcoming deduction from a payment. This is typically generated when an order has been returned by the seller, but they have already been paid for the order. The claim is a notice informing the seller that some funds are being withheld from an upcoming payment to recover funds that were disbursed on that order already. Typically the PO that the RGI claim matches up to will appear on the remittance report within 7-10 days of receiving the notification.

When you receive an RGI in the mail, you should be able to locate the details regarding the PO by searching for the claim number in your remittance report. The Claim # is located in the upper right hand corner of the RGI and starts with W10. When you search for this # is your remittance report, remove the W10 and you will find the claim # in the “Invoice Num” column. See screenshots below.

Note: The RGI claim # with be W{Y}XXXXXXX.  The Y referring to the fiscal year of the claim.

RGI will show this…

Remittance Report will show this…

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