Item Creation Step 6 – Inventory

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Item Creation Step 6 – Inventory

Adding inventory is the final step in building your item. Enter the quantity that you have for the item. As a reminder, inventory should not be shared between marketplaces. Sears seller agreement requires that inventory provided to be exclusive to Sears orders.

On this page, you will also have the opportunity to change the item level SOPT (Standard Order Prep Time) and add inventory to your item.

The default will be the same as the account level. If you wish to change an item’s Order Prep Time, uncheck the box next to “Account Level” and enter a new number of days in the field above. Once these fields have been completed, click the next button to continue with the review of the product build

The seller has to provide quantities for all items as per the stock available for each item in variation corresponding to the item ids

Once inventory is updated for all items, it will take a maximum of 12-24 hours for them to go live on the Sears website. It would be advisable to check the website the next day as to how the items are showing up when they are live.

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