Tips for Success: Customer Service

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Tips for Success: Customer Service

Satisfying customers and Shop Your Way members is the primary goal of Sears. Occasionally our mutual customers will need to be in contact with Marketplace sellers to get clarification of item specifications or to initiate an order return. Sometimes, the customer will contact the Sears Members Services Organization team who will help the customer connect with the appropriate Marketplace seller. Below are a few tips for maintaining good account standing and avoiding chargebacks through excellent customer services:

  • When contacted by a customer or Seller Support it is very important to always respond in a timely manner (1 business day)
  • Verify the customer service communication channels you have provided in the seller portal (phone and email) are accurate and functional (no un-deliverable emails, phone number up to date and without problems)
  • Make sure your return policy is very clear and can be easily communicated to customers in case

In the event that a customer doesn’t receive an order and the seller cannot be reached or does not respond, a Marketplace Guarantee Claim and a debit memo may result.  It is very important to respond to customers via the encrypted email address in the purchase order details.

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