Set up an account for Sears Marketplace

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Set up an account for Sears Marketplace

Using the top menu, select the start selling tab. Sellers need to select location option based on whether they are based in US or outside. Based on the selection, sellers are re-directed to our web form where in requested information need to be filled in which is then reviewed by our inbound sales team in order to verify for eligibility to sell on Sears Marketplace.

Once qualified, potential sellers must accept the Sears Marketplace Agreement. The seller representative that accepts the terms of the Sears Marketplace Agreement during the registration process will be considered by the Seller Portal administrator as the account owner for Seller’s Sears Marketplace account.

Once the Sears Marketplace account is set up, reviewed and approved, a seller will have full access to the Sears Marketplace system features that include but are not limited to the following functionalities:

1. Uploading their catalog

2. Managing their inventory

3. Generating reports

4. Setting up automatic payments

For any further clarifications, you can reach out to the Marketplace Onboarding Team via contact us form and a PDF on the complete process can be shared for further help.

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