Updating Inventory via Bulk Excel Templates

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Updating Inventory via Bulk Excel Templates

Managing your inventory is one of the most important steps in achieving success on the Sears Marketplace.  It is recommended that you download a new template from the seller portal each time you are updating the inventory. Having accurate inventory ensures your items can be available for sale on Sears.com and can prevent unnecessary cancellations.

Log in to the seller portal and navigate to the Inventory >> Inventory Mgmt >> Bulk section of the portal.

In Step 1, you will need to choose the items for which you wish to update inventory.

  • Show All Item Classes: shows all item classes available to Marketplace sellers

  • Show Item Classes where I sell items: this selection will narrow down the item classes to just those where items have been built

Our Excel templates are built in such a way that their structure should never be changed.  This means that the tabs on the bottom should remain titled as they are and the formatting of the columns and header names should also remain as they are.

The inventory template has two tabs:

  1. Data Definition: this tab houses all of the fields names, descriptions and examples of information that should be input into that field

2. Data Format: this tab is where you input the information for each item

  • Item ID: the Item ID is the unique identifier that has been given the item by the seller
  • Variation Group ID: the Group ID that has been given a particular grouping of products
  • Location ID: this is pre-populated with the warehouse location ID assigned to it when it was created
  • Last Provided by Seller Quantity: the number that was provided the last time inventory was updated
  • Existing Reserved Quantity: any open orders for this product
  • Existing Available Quantity: quantity currently available for sale
  • Existing Inventory Update Timestamp: the last time inventory was updated
  • Updated Available Quantity: new quantity available
  • Updated Inventory Timestamp: current timestamp
  • Low Inventory Threshold: at what quantity would you like to be notified to prevent overselling

Complete the inventory template by making the necessary changes to columns H, I & J and save the file in an .xlsx or .csv format.  Proceed to Step 2 to upload the file

If any inventory numbers were not changed please review the Inventory Errors Processing report by navigating to the Inventory >> Inventory Mgmt >> Inventory Errors Processing section of the portal.

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