Updating Inventory via the User Interface

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Updating Inventory via the User Interface

Managing your inventory is one of the most important steps in achieving success on the Sears Marketplace.  It is recommended that you download a new template from the seller portal each time you are updating the inventory. Having accurate inventory ensures your items can be available for sale on Sears.com and can prevent unnecessary cancellations.

Log in to the seller portal and navigate to Inventory >> Inventory Mgmt >> Browse & Edit

  • Step 1: you will be prompted to choose the location for which you wish to make inventory changes.  Some sellers have built multiple warehouse locations.  All of these locations will show in Step 1.
  • Step 2: choose the item class for which the items you wish to change are located.  You can update inventory for an entire item class or category. 


  • Search: by entering a UPC, Item Name, Model, Brand, Item ID, Item SPM or Variation group ID you can search for a single product or a grouping of products 

Once you have searched for and found the items that you wish to add or change inventory for:

You can edit the number on hand on screen by clicking the pencil edit icon in the Quantity section.

This will pop up a box that will allow you to change the quantity on hand.

Click update to save changes.

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