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This guide provides information on how to connect to the Seller Portal to pull and update orders as issued by Transform SR Holdings Management LLC (“TSHM”) and its affiliates for all sellers that participate in the Sears Marketplace Program.  This includes merchandise for TSHM or its affiliates, including merchandise which TSHM or its affiliates is providing for its or their divested entities.  Websites that sell merchandise from the Sears Marketplace include, but are not limited to: Sears.com, ShopYourWay.com and MyGofer.com. 

All purchase orders pulled using this API are governed by the Sears Marketplace Terms and Conditions and the Sears Marketplace Vendor Information Guide.

If you have any questions related to any customer-specific questions such as customer address verification or validation of order quantities for Sears.com purchase orders, send an email to member email provided on the purchase order.

If you have questions general questions related to order fulfillment requirements, please view the Support page.

This guide assumes you have knowledge of the Marketplace as well as experience fulfilling orders using the Seller Portal.  For additional information on requirements and standards for the Sears Marketplace Program, please refer to the Sears Marketplace Vendor Information Guide (“VIG”).