Account Protection From Phishing Scam

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Account Protection From Phishing Scam

Phishing/Scam Alert for Sears Marketplace sellers

We recently became aware of a phishing scam that targets the Marketplace seller community and would like to send you some tips to keep you safe.

Look up at your browser’s URL. Does it say “….”? If yes, then you are okay. If the URL does not end with “” and it looks like this for example: “…”, exit immediately. You clicked on a link from a phishing scam.

What is this phishing scam?

This scam involves sending you emails purporting to be from a trusted source and asking you to login to a link or button in the email to take some emergency action. When you click this link or button, you are taken to a page that looks exactly like Sears Seller Portal login page (
However, both the email and this page are created by scammers who are looking to record your access credentials. Once you login to this page, the scammers can get access to your credentials and can login to your actual seller portal page and change your information.

Is my account safe?

If the only way you have logged into seller-portal is by going to, then you have no reason to worry.

However, if you have recently clicked through to from a button in emails pretending to be from Sears Marketplace support, then your account may be at risk. If such is the case, please go to and immediately change your password. If you are locked out of your account, please send/open a case using “Contact us” and provide your seller ID and the nature of the problem.

How can I protect myself?

Please do not open any emails from suspicious sources. Emails from Sears will always come from or address.

As an example, the following email would be from a fraudulent source:
From: The Sears Marketplace Team — or or or something similar.

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