Protecting Account

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Protecting Account

Basics of account security

#1 Never share your password.  Do not even share your Seller Portal access with your own team members.

Will a Sears team member ever ask for my password?  No, we will never ask for your password.  Do not share your password.

How can I share access to the Seller Portal to other users at my company?  You may add secondary users to the Seller Portal.  From your account settings, go to Secondary Users to add.   Visit “Can multiple users be assigned to account?” for more information.

#2 Change your password regularly.  We recommend updating your password regularly. Choose a strong password that’s difficult for others to guess.

#3 Keep your primary contact information up to date.  If someone leaves the company, make sure you remove their access and ensure the person handling the day to day activities of Sears Marketplace is set as the primary user.

#4 Watch out for spoof or phishing emails.  Spoof emails are emails that claim to be from Sears but their real intent is to access your passwords or other sensitive information.  Check out the “Phishing” tab for more about what to look for.

#5 Know what email is actually from Sears.  Sears will send official emails from several different email domains: or will be the most common. Our Member Services Organization and return request send from Member communications come from the domain If you did a bank account update in the Seller Portal, you may receive an email from our AP EFT team. You’ll see the or domains and know it is real.

If you are not sure about an email and if it came from us, best thing to do it open a case and ask us and do not respond to the email you confirm it was in fact from us.


Refer to this article on Phishing scams.

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