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Bulk Excel Template

Variation items are used when you have multiple sizes/colors of an item.  This provides our Members with all options for a particular product so that they can make the best possible purchasing decision.  Variations are most popular in clothing and shoes categories but are also available in other categories such as electronics to designate screen size or in computers to designate hard drive storage size.  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to build variations.

Please note: Only certain Item classes support variation.

Item class and generic templates both have the ability to create variation items.  Much like the User Interface method, the information required to build a variation group is the same.  Download a fresh template (item class specific or generic).  Templates are available in the portal by navigating to the Products >> Product Mgmt >> Bulk section.  Once you have the new template downloaded, navigate to the Data Format tab.

Variation Group ID is within the first 10 columns of the file.  The Variation Group ID should be no more than 20 characters in length and cannot contain special characters.

Feature and swatch image URLs are shown in the file as below.

Key reminders regarding variation attributes:

  • If you have a variation attribute for one item, you must have that same attribute completed for all items.  ex: color for one item must be filled in for all other items as well.
  • Swatch images are the image that will appear on the product page when a Member selects a size/color
  • Feature Image URLs should be a generic picture of the product as the swatch image is the specific item.  The system will choose one Feature Image URL to be displayed for the entire grouping. 
  • When updating or adding new items to a variation group, you must submit the entire group and not a single item.

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