Available Carriers for shipping orders

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Available Carriers for shipping orders

Sellers have a variety of shipping carriers and methods from which to choose.  When ship confirming an order, please select the carrier’s shipping method that most closely resembles the method that you are using.  While we strive to provide the most comprehensive list of carriers and methods, this is a work in progress and not all carrier’s methods are available at this time.

Please be sure to provide accurate tracking numbers when ship confirming orders.  Providing the most accurate information when invoicing an order will prevent cancellations and returns by our Member Services Organization for invalid tracking.

Please view the attached document to find an updated list of all the shipment carriers currently supported by Sears Marketplace and the corresponding shipping methods provided by the carrier.

Last updated January 2021

Get information on the XML API Available Shipping Carriers in our API Guide.

It is also the responsibility of the Seller to frequently review their ASN Rejection Report (Seller Tools >> Reports >> ASN Rejection Report) to ensure that they are passing validation for their tracking information.  Sears Marketplace will not reimburse Sellers for orders that failed to pass validation and were cancelled by the system.

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