How the Return Authorization Process Works

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How the Return Authorization Process Works

Basic Steps of a Return Authorization

Customers request a return via the online order center

The customer starts in the online order center and request a return.

Generate a PDF file as a return authorization

Generate a PDF file with return instructions and/or a return label. This will be uploaded into the Seller Portal.

Sellers get notified in email

Sellers get an email from “Sears Marketplace Returns” with the subject “Customer Return Request submitted via Sears Seller Portal”.

Approve the return

Approve the return request by uploading the PDF file. The customer will be notified of your approval and will be then return the product back to you.

How a customer makes a request

Once an order has been marked as shipped, the customer will be able to request a return via the online order center. They will select  a reason code from a drop down and submit it for review. They are told that their return request “should be approved within the next 1-2 business days”.

Click here for an example of the customer’s email

Seller notifications

Sellers will be notified via email the customer service email address in the seller profile.The email will come from: “Sears Order” <> with the subject “Customer Return Request submitted via Sears seller portal”. If the seller does not respond to the first email notification after 1 business day, a reminder email with subject: “Reminder to respond to customer return request via Sears seller portal” is sent.

Click here to see an example of the seller’s email notification

Additionally, in the Seller Portal order dashboard, there is a view called “Pending Return Request” that list all open customer request that have not be responded to.

Picture showing the view "Pending Return Request" selected

Generating the PDF file/return authorization

Return labels must be created and uploaded in PDF format only.

Return labels DO NOT need to be a prepaid label.

Labels should have the minimum of your return address and instructions for return, including if needed your return authorization number, or may be as complex as providing an actual prepaid UPS, USPS, or FedEx label to be used by the customer for the return.

Simple labels can be created using Microsoft Word and save as a PDF file.

How to authorize (approve) or reject the return

Sellers will authorize or reject the return request via seller portal UI or API. When Sellers authorize the return request, the customer will be notified via email and they will be able to print the return label on the Order Center. If Seller rejects the return request, customer will be notified via email.

To approve via the Seller Portal User Interface (via your web browser) do the following:

  1. Log into the Seller Portal:
  2. Go to the Order Management Dashboard. Orders > Order Dashboard
  3. Using the Search box, change the drop down to search by the Customer Order #
  4. You will notice the order has a message that says “Customer returns request is pending for authorization/rejection”
  5.  Click on the Purchase order number to see the order details
  6. You will see the yellow box under the item with the return request
  7. To authorize or reject the return request, click the hyperlinked word “here”
  8. The Quantity of the request is displayed and right below it is mentioned why the customer wants to return the item
  9. To authorize the return, click the “Upload Return Label” button and follow the prompts to upload the PDF file created for this customer
  10. Click the “Update” button to complete the task

Frequently asked questions

No, it does not. Minimum requirements are the return address and instructions for the customer to return to the product.

Yes, a PDF is required, but it does not need to be an actual label. Minimum requirements are the return address and instructions for the member to return to the product.

You will need to either reject or authorize the return (including providing a PDF) to avoid an escalation to our Member Services team. We suggest you authorize and use the PDF to provide the member instructions on how to destroy and confirm back to you. Sellers would then follow the standard process to refund the member as they would do today.

No, Seller Portal only allows you to upload one document (PDF).

The issue will still escalate to our Member Services team after the 2nd business day if the return has not been approved or rejected.

Please reach out to the customer either via phone or the encrypted email provided on the purchase order the same day you receive the email notification.

Yes, please see the Sears Marketplace API Guide for instructions.

The reason for the return request is shown in the email and also in the Seller Portal.

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