Custom color on a variation item

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Custom color on a variation item

Using the User Interface

While creating items through the Seller Portal, you will get the Trademark option on “Variant” page.

For example: If you are creating an item in Blue and the item varies in colors say Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Royal Blue. You can put the option “Blue” in the color attribute and use “Navy” or “Sky” or “Royal” in the Trademark option.  In this way, you can create three child items of that color variation. Here is the snapshot showing Item created in Navy Blue:

Using Bulk Templates

While creating items through an item class template you will see Trademark column for same.

Please note that you cannot use this functionality by using Generic Template.

What Categories does it work in?

It’s important to know if particular category supports this functionality. You can verify this by downloading Item class/attribute mapping (for generic template). Please navigate to the products >> product mgmt. >> the bulk section of the portal. You will find the file in step 1 “Supporting Files (Optional) and is titled as “Item Class/Attributes Mapping (for Generic Template)”. This is a rather large file and might take some time to download”. Here is a snapshot of the step to download it:

Once the file is downloaded, please check column G i.e. “Trademark”. Any item class where you find Trademark value as “Yes”, supports this functionality. Following is a snapshot of some of the item classes supporting this functionality:

Once you are certain that item class support trademark functionality. You can move to next step i.e. using this functionality. Depending on your choice you can use this functionality while creating an item by using UI, Item Class Template or XML feed.

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