Order Cancellations

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Order Cancellations

Cancelling an order via web browser (Seller portal)

For seller initiated order cancellations

Follow the below steps to manually cancel via the Seller Portal user interface:

1) Login to the Seller Portal and navigate to your ‘Order Dashboard’ on ‘Orders’ tab. In the search field, enter the Purchase Order number that needs to be canceled and click on the search button.

2) Once, the given PO numbers appear on the screen, click on the order number and it will take you to the next screen with the order details on it.

3) Once, you see the order details, click on the ‘Expand’ link of the ‘Cancel order’ link given on the right side.

4) Select the item/items that need to be canceled.

5) Select the ‘Cancellation Reason’ and click on ‘Cancel these parts of my order’ tab.

For member initiated order cancellation, please follow the below steps:

  • Confirm if the order has already shipped from your warehouse
  • If the order has shipped, and tracking information is yet to be input into the portal, please input the tracking information.
  • If the order has not shipped, and you have the ability to cancel the order, please do so

In the Seller Portal, you will see a customer request to cancel has occurred and the reason why.  For these orders, you will not need to choose a reason code as it is auto-populated for you already.

Note – You can only select the Line item/items to be canceled but not the partial quantity of the line item.

However, once the line item is partially shipped, the outstanding quantity of the line item gets automatically canceled. This is called ‘Fill or Kill’. It means that if a portion of that line is filled and the ASN is generated, the remaining quantities are automatically canceled. Once the piece is auto-canceled, we are not able to re-open it. In this case, the only option would be to have the customer place a new order for the item.

Example: An order with line 1 qty =10. If the seller sends an ASN with shipped qty = 3, remaining qty of 7 will be canceled automatically; seller need not indicate the cancel qty. When seller requests for the details of the same PO, it will indicate shipped qty = 3 and canceled qty = 7.

If there comes a scenario, when the order or part of the order is canceled but shipped, you need to follow the below steps to be compensated for such orders –

  1. Email Customer, advising them that their order shipped, but was canceled and they will be rebilled
  2. Provide the customer with the tracking number (to prevent email from being rejected, please only provide the carrier and tracking number without any links)
  3. The customer must acknowledge this and confirm that they will accept the item AND the re-billing of their account
  4. Once this confirmation has been received email Seller Support with the email chain confirming the rebilling is accepted by the customer
  5. Seller Support will contact the necessary team to get the customer re-billed
  6. Seller Support will then create a credit memo to pay the seller

*IMPORTANT: A credit Memo cannot be created for a seller if they are unable to provide acknowledgment from the customer that they agree to being re-billed.

If you still have questions after reviewing this FAQ about order cancellation, please use the contact us form to contact seller support.

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