Packaging Best Practices

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Packaging Best Practices

Preparing Your Shipment

To ensure that our Members have the best possible experience, we require that products be received by the Member in the best possible condition. Here are a few suggested best practices to follow when preparing your items to be shipped.

  • Product packaging should be presentable and in a condition that Members will feel is clean and ready to be wrapped and gifted
  • If using a packing slips they must contain the following, “This is a marketplace item and cannot be returned or exchanged at Sears stores.” You can print a packing slip from the order details page of the Seller Portal
  • Be sure the shipping address is clearly labeled on the package. Even if you are using a pre-populated label, it is recommended that the Member’s address is clearly marked on the outside of the box 
  • The outside of the box must include a complete return address, including your company name as it appears on the Sears Marketplace product pages
  • Prominently label the package with the message, “ Marketplace”
  • You can get shipments to Members even faster (and without paying for priority mail) by simply using the nine-digit ZIP Code associated with the customer’s shipping address. You can find the extra four digits for any U.S. shipping address at

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