Sears Return Policy Requirements

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Sears Return Policy Requirements

As part of the Sears Marketplace Terms and Conditions, you agreed to have a return policy that will be as good as or better than what is being offered for our Sold by Sears merchandise.

The Sears Marketplace Terms and Conditions, listed under II, G. Refunds; Returned Merchandise, reads:

“Seller will submit a return policy (the «Seller Return Policy») using the form provided on the Portal. The Seller Return Policy must (i) apply to all Merchandise, (ii) outline the process for Users to return the Merchandise directly to Seller, and (iii) be at least as accommodating to User returns as the Sears Return Policy. Seller agrees to honor all User returns in accordance with the Seller Return Policy published at the time of the User’s purchase of Merchandise.”

What does this mean?

If you sell shoes and Sears policy is a 30-day return policy, you must allow a customer 30 days or more to return the shoes.

For most items, customers have 30 days from the date of their original purchase to make a return with some exceptions. Please visit our Sears Return Policy page for more information.

If no return policy is indicated or provided in the Seller Portal, by default, Sears return policy will take effect.

The Sears Return Policy page states I can have my own policy. What does that mean?

Sellers may have their own return policies, but that policy must be equal to or more accommodating as the Sears Return Policies.

Some examples:

  • A seller may not decide to charge a 20% restocking fee while Sears does not charge any for a specific category and situation. That would not be as accommodating as the Sears policy
  • A seller may though take custom jewelry back, while Sears policy says we will not accept returns. This would be more accommodating than the Sears policy

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